Sponsored Educational Webinar

Sanofi Symposium
/ 1 October 15:35 to 17:00 CET

VTE & Women: from risk reduction to an optimized patient management

Moderators: Prof. A.J. KAKKAR & Prof. C. NELSON – PIERCY (UK)




VTE management in obstetrics: optimal dose and duration

•HIGHLOW study: summarize the findings of the RCT Comparison of Low and Intermediate Dose LMWH to prevent recurrent VTE in Pregnancy

•Implications for guidance in pregnancy

Saskia Middeldorp
(The Netherlands)

Deaths from VTE in pregnancy in the UK: is prevention worth it?

•Discuss recent UK mortality data for VTE

•Discuss results of NIHR funded VTEP (VTE in pregnancy) study - Estimating the value of future research to improve guidelines on thromboprophylaxis for women during pregnancy and after delivery

•Data on cost effectiveness of thromboprophylaxis in pregnancy

Catherine Nelson-Piercy (UK)

COVID-19 and pregnancy

•Latest data for COVID in pregnancy

•What are the risks of VTE in COVID?

•What are the risks of VTE after COVID vaccination?

•What is your experience of managing these pregnant women in ITU?

Stephen Lapinsky (Canada)

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